Will my message be delivered to both live and answering machines?


Can I record one message for live and a separate message for machines?


What about cost?

No set up fees or hidden costs. The price is based on message length and the number of phone numbers called. Please email us for a free quote.

What about turnaround time?

Email us your list, call in and record your message, make payment and then let us know when you want your order to go out.

What about confidentiality?

We adhere to strict client confidentiality.

What are legal calling times?

In most states you can call from 8am to 9pm. We would suggest your calling times be after 10am and not past 6pm. You might run the risk of upsetting voters by calling past 6pm, but that is up to you.

Do you call cell phone numbers?

NO, the FCC says you cannot do it. Some firms do, we don’t.

Do you provide calling lists?

Yes, for an additional cost a list can be purchased on your behalf. Let us know the specific office and Party if not a non-partisan race that you are running for and we will let you know what a list would cost.